Wireless Sensor Monitoring

Keep track and measure from real sensors what is important to you without effort. Trigger actions and receive notification alerts as you define it, and monitor and display centrally and with your existing tools from multiple sources.


Connect your devices and your processes with our equipment.


Get easy access to real-time data in your operations. Monitor temperature, humidity, vibration, motion, presence and much more!


Limit downtime and increase productivity of your operations.

Wireless capabilities add new convenience and cost savings to process measurement and control. By removing the wire connection between your components, installation is faster, easier, and less expensive. Moving equipment becomes less of an issue, as well. Wireless facilitates data acquisition as well, as most wireless equipment interfaces easily to standard computer equipment, whether through Ethernet or USB.

Measuring temperature, humidity, vibration, motion, presence, etc. on different locations and important assets can provide you insightful data in real-time that enables you to take decisions faster and optimize and measure better your operations. 

No matter the sensor, application or industry, AutUP can deliver solutions with following features:

Limit Value: Configure limit values according to your desired operating range for each specific sensor.

Automated Incident Notifications: Configure alarms so that the right people can be notified if the conditions on the measurements are out of normal range. Notifications can be sent via SMS or email.

Data Storage and Reporting: Data from the sensors is stored in a cloud solution and is accessible through a web browser or app.

Small scale automation: The sensors can be set up against a control unit that acts as a switch. For example, at given sensor values, this control unit can start or stop a process. We can therefore tailor small scale automation systems completely wirelessly.


Use Cases




Storage Facilities

Retail Stores

Property Management

Meat Packing