Optimize your existing automation systems in facilities such as factories, buildings, processing plants and power plants by adding new technology and features.


Improve your system's overall functionality by adding updated equipment and technology.


Reduce maintenance costs and risk of obsolescence.


Increase reliability and your profits!

We provide solutions that integrates traditional PLC’s and PAC controllers with the world of Industrial Internet of Things. Using the groov EPIC system from Opto22 with OPC UA communication protocol, we can integrate existing PLC’s such as Allan Bradley and Siemens controllers with our solution. This way we enable data to be exchanged with cloud solutions, handheld devices, decision makers, AI’s, Machine Learning platforms and moreThis will also allow remote support, diagnostics and configuration.  

In addition to integration of existing PLC’s with the Industrial Internet of Things, the groov EPIC system comes with a range of IO modules enabling direct integration with new sensors and actuators for automation and control of your plant.