Industrial Automation / IIoT

If you are looking to automate your processes in a smart way, then IIoT is the way to go. Interconnect sensors, instruments, and other devices networked together in an industrial setting. This connectivity allows for remote access and monitoring, but more importantly, it allows for data collection, exchange and analysis of different data sources. This has enormous potential for improving productivity and efficiency.


Wire reliable Opto 22 I/O to sensors and actuators, and run your control program locally at edge of network.


Connect to Allen-Bradley®, Siemens®, Modbus®/TCP, Opto 22 PACs, databases, online services, and more.

Handle Data

Wire together devices, databases, online services, and more with simple logic flows. Move, store, analyze data.


Easily view your HMI, monitor, and control data from PCs and mobile devices anywhere.

At AutUP we provide solutions that empower our customers with data by taking advantage of new technologies within Industrial Automation. We specialize in enabling Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications in our projects. Getting data from the sensors and actuators in factories, buildings and remote sites – the edge of the network – to the people who need it is our commitment. We are a provider of automation systems that are highly customizable and scalable. 

To accomplish this in a cost-effective and secure way we need a product that is much more than a PLC or a PAC. We need an automation product that let us move data from the factories and plants to where it’s needed in much fewer steps then the more traditional approach. Therefore, we use Opto22’s groov EPIC, an enabler for IIoT applications, in our projects. 

Opto22’s groov EPIC is the World’s first Edge Programmable Industrial Controller. This product is specifically built for the purpose of enabling IIoT solutions. The groov EPIC is both a reliable real-time industrial controller and a processor to collect, process and exchange data as well as displaying it through HMI. The groov Epic system, being an industrial controller, comes with a range of IO modules enabling direct integration with sensors and actuators for automation and control of your plant.      

The groov EPIC can exchange data directly with field devices, cloud servicesother control systems, databases, and more. The groov EPIC solves the challenges of complexity, security, and costs  in IIoT solutionsFor remote configuration, support and diagnostics the groov EPIC comes pre-installed with an IT-friendly solution: OpenVPN technology. Controlling and monitoring your solution from remote is also possible using secure MQTT pub/sub messaging protocol. 

traditional IIoT setup (without the groov Epic) usually looks like this:


The groov EPIC provides a simpler way; it eliminates middleware and shrinks the steps to acquire the needed data.