AutUP offers four solutions: 1) wireless sensor monitoring, 2) industrial automation, 3) retrofit, and 4) OEM. All solutions can be customized to your needs. If required, we can also deliver a combination of multiple solutions. Read more about each one, and find out which one suits your needs the most.

Wireless sensor monitoring

This solution is completely wireless with battery operated sensors, with a battery lifetime of up to 14 years! Our sensors are connected to the Internet and stored in a secure encrypted cloud solution that can be easily accessed via a PC, tablet or mobile phone from around the globe.

Industrial Automation

Do you want to reduce cost, improve quality and efficiency, increase human safety and make manufacturing processes better? Read how Autup can help you take advantage of new technologies within industrial automation.


An automation, control and monitoring system generates vast amount of data daily. The value and potential of this data is too big to let it waste away at your factory or plant. AutUP can help you in upgrading your existing system to a fully functional IIoT solution. By upgrading to a fully functional IIoT solution we will help you move your data from the factory floor to where it’s needed for analysis and value generation. An upgrade from AutUP will also allow you to control your applications from handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.


If you are rethinking, upgrading or simply building a new machine you will need a control system. At AutUP we provide an industrial controller that is built from scratch to be an IIoT enabler. By integrating our controller in your machine, you will gain much more than just a controller - you will gain control of your machines' valuable data. This data can easily be transferred to your HQ for analysis without compromising your customers firewall. Take advantage of the vast possibilities IIoT applications can offer your company by integrating a controller from AutUP.